Mists of pandaria glyphs

Going through the new glyphs in the beta I noticed a trend. A lot of the glyphs I saw, for both healing and DPS, had major down sides, or didn’t provide a direct throughput increase. For example the PW:S glyph now instead of providing a 20% bonus heal instead converts 20% of the bubble into a heal.

I’m actually excited by this.
What does it mean?
It means that a lot of the glyph choices are going to be optional, and interesting choices. Instead of having to math out which glyph is best for us based on our rotation or (for healers) pulling out spell usage numbers from a parse, we get a choice. What suits us best? What do we need for this specific situation?

This is what I feel glyphs should of been, instead of boring no brainier choices (Do I want 50% mana of kings or might?), interesting choices that can have major impacts, without effecting our raw output to much (at least not directly).

The same appears to be true for DPS glyphs, at least for the most part. While there are some DPS boosts still in there, they are either very minor, or what appear to be left overs from cataclysm, soon to be wiped from the face of the world of warcraft.

Now if only I could get into the beta…. >.<