Warlock tanks?

So when the MoP beta hit, and people started data mining, people found a lot of new glyphs. One of these new glyphs caught my eye.

Glyph of Demon Hunting

Is that what I think it is? Tools for demo warlocks to… tank? The shock! The horror! The excitement!

So before we go much further, lets have a look at how demo is going to work normally in MoP. When outside of Metamorphosis you gain Demonic fury (DF) from attacking things with various spells. When you use metamorphosis a lot of your spells that once granted DF now cost DF, and once you run out you turn back to normal (presumably you can end meta when you want as well).

This is great news for demo warlocks at it allows you to control when you use meta, and for how long. No more juggling your meta CD on H Yor’sahj around the dreaded yellow+black combo.

Now that’s out of the way lets take a look at the glyph:

So this glyph grants us damage reduction (presumably akin to the tanking classes mastery), gives us a taunt, and a small defensive CD in the way of twilight ward. The biggest question is, is this enough? Will these new ability’s provide us enough tools to tank?

The answer for now is a overwhelming NO

Ignoring that we don’t have any major kind of avoidance (we can assume that DF could be tuned to make up for it), our taunt is on a ridiculous cool down, 2 minutes compared to most tanks 10 seconds or so cool down. We don’t have the multitude of cool downs that most tanks have, while most tanks sport 2 to 3 at least it looks like we’ll have 1 or 2.

That leaves this glyph in a weird spot. We can’t use it to be a emergency tank as it guts out damage by changing DF from increasing damage dealt to reducing damage taken. At the same time it doesn’t give us everything we need to tank, just a lot of what we need.

I’m half hoping that in a few beta patches time this glyph will have changed, either for gimping our damage less (and allowing us to be emergency tanks), or making us full on proper tanks, but hopefully not somewhere in the middle as it is now.

There are still a multitude of questions to be asked about this glyph, especially so if we are going to be full time tanks, but lets wait to see where this heads before we ask that, shall we?