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Thoughts on the MoP destruction warlock

As I mentioned in my last post I’m now in the MoP beta. I almost instantly jumped in to my warlock and tried out the new destruction (only pausing to log into my pre-made 85 monk because it transferred faster) and all its now fanciness. So now its time to lay on some commentary and analysis now that I’ve had a chance to actually play around with it. Read more »

GC Y U MAKE ME SAD (of warlock tanking)

To preface this post, this is a reply to GCs post, that can be found here, but I can’t reply on the forums because I don’t have beta access (yet (This makes me sad)) But onwards!

For context, I’ve quoted the post below, followed by my response. And now there’s a follow up post. So I’ll go ahead and follow up below my original piece. Read more »

Warlock tanks?

So when the MoP beta hit, and people started data mining, people found a lot of new glyphs. One of these new glyphs caught my eye.

Glyph of Demon Hunting

Is that what I think it is? Tools for demo warlocks to… tank? The shock! The horror! The excitement!

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Mists of pandaria glyphs

Going through the new glyphs in the beta I noticed a trend. A lot of the glyphs I saw, for both healing and DPS, had major down sides, or didn’t provide a direct throughput increase. For example the PW:S glyph now instead of providing a 20% bonus heal instead converts 20% of the bubble into a heal.

I’m actually excited by this.
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Bets on the final ember name…

My bets on unstable

Dragon soul, nerfs, class balance and encounter design

Coming up within the next week or two are a set of 5% nerfs to dragon soul, both normal and heroic (but not LFR as far as I know).

Why are these nerfs coming? I think its important to understand why, so we can first of all not rage at it, and second so we can give some feed back about it. I think the reason for these nerfs is primarily 2 fold

(for the record, its starting at 5%)

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That anoying trend in LFR of needing all the loots to trade later.

Yeah. This is going to hurt LFR. A lot.  And LFR was going so well. Read more »

Mists of Pandaria Glyphs and talents speculation

Something various people have pointed out is that the glyph systems goal, and the new mop talent systems goals currently over lap, a lot. Having 2 systems that work towards the same goal and overlap almost completely seems a bit silly.

With the new talents being the new hotness it seems likely the glyphs will be changing somehow. But changing into what? Lets speculate :D

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Transmog set? Why not tentacles!

One thing thats been spinning around my head since both the tentacle themed warlock T13 and transmogrification were announced was a tentacle themed transmog set.

Because nothing says I love you like RPing as the closest thing to tentacle hentai in game and rubbing up next to your guildies in raid.

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The problem with cataclysm healing

I’ll start of by saying Cataclysm healing is honestly a beautiful

I’ll start of by saying Cataclysm healing is honestly a beautiful thing. Ok maybe not beautiful, but its pretty fucking awesome. But that’s not to say its without its flaws.

The problem with cataclysm healing (as far as I’m concerned) is not a problem with healing itself, but rather a problem with gearing.

In almost all cases a healers need for regen is outstripped by, and supplied as part of, their need for throughput.

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