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Dragon soul, nerfs, class balance and encounter design

Coming up within the next week or two are a set of 5% nerfs to dragon soul, both normal and heroic (but not LFR as far as I know).

Why are these nerfs coming? I think its important to understand why, so we can first of all not rage at it, and second so we can give some feed back about it. I think the reason for these nerfs is primarily 2 fold

(for the record, its starting at 5%)

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That anoying trend in LFR of needing all the loots to trade later.

Yeah. This is going to hurt LFR. A lot.  And LFR was going so well. Read more »

Transmog set? Why not tentacles!

One thing thats been spinning around my head since both the tentacle themed warlock T13 and transmogrification were announced was a tentacle themed transmog set.

Because nothing says I love you like RPing as the closest thing to tentacle hentai in game and rubbing up next to your guildies in raid.

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The problem with cataclysm healing

I’ll start of by saying Cataclysm healing is honestly a beautiful

I’ll start of by saying Cataclysm healing is honestly a beautiful thing. Ok maybe not beautiful, but its pretty fucking awesome. But that’s not to say its without its flaws.

The problem with cataclysm healing (as far as I’m concerned) is not a problem with healing itself, but rather a problem with gearing.

In almost all cases a healers need for regen is outstripped by, and supplied as part of, their need for throughput.

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If LFR had a theme song what would it be?

How about this:

DS 10 Normal: In review

So I guess I’m back to blogging now. Go me. A bit of an explanation I guess, over the last little while I’ve had a fun time, I’ve managed to go from raider, to officer, to GM. Oh god. GM! :| .Raid leader usually too. Finding my rhythm as GM, and other related tasks have taken up a lot of my time. As well as some fun RL (real life) stuff, like buying and moving into my own apartment.

So today I’m going to attempt to look back at DS10 and give it a review of sorts. Does the instance hold up? Is it any “good”? Which bosses are boring and annoying? Which are decent? Which are actually enjoyable?

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Warlock Tier 13

This is all I can see now when I look at the tier.

Need new tier set for Warlocks?

(many thanks to @whitepandamedia for shopping this for me >.>)

State of warlocks 4.2

Today I’m going to try and go over some of the issues facing warlocks today in pve, in a “state of …” type post, they seem to be rather popular to be written about now. I’m going to try and stay away from listing “fixes”, blizzard has a ridiculous number of tuning nobs these days, they can fix things without to much hassle.

I also think that while all of our specs pull “respectable” DPS numbers, that doesn’t mean we aren’t “broken” and don’t have issues pertaining to the class. To quote a blue from some time ago (I believe it was GC at last years blizzcon, but I could be wrong), if the best rogue spec was to sit at range and spam knife throws/fan of knifes to do competitive DPS, that would be broken and in need of being fixed. While I don’t think we are in quiet as a extreme case as that, I believe we do have issues that could be looked at.

Also, in advance, I’m sorry, this sorta ended up being a bit of a wall of text, possibly the biggest I’ve ever written on here.

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The great Drain Life nerf, looking back

You may have missed it, but a few weeks ago (by now at least) drain life was nerfed.

Drain Life now deals 25% less damage.

This essentially ended the reign of the drain life spec. But why? Was this a pvp nerf? A pve nerf? I’m going to delve into it, and try to figure out why this was so urgent that it has to be hot fixed NOW (well then) instead of waiting for a patch

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Warlock PVE spec cheat sheets for 4.3

This post is still current for 4.2. Although it should be noted that Affliction drain life is no longer considered “viable” by a lot of people in 4.2. As such I’ve updated the title etc.

So your a warlock, and your fairly new at this whole warlock thing and EJ is overwhelming, or perhaps your just being lazy? Maybe you switch between all the specs fairly often and need a reference point for it all, or maybe it’s your 10′th alt and you need a quick reference for it. Well here’s my quick and dirty guide to the various rotations, specs, glyphs and stats for the 3 warlock specs.

Keep in mind, if your serious about raiding, this isn’t a full substitute for Reading through the various EJ sources or doing the research yourself. I’ve glossed over several things, and made generalizations, things like rotations and stats can have various subtleties and changes based on your gear and specific stats.

Important note: Demonology changes went in this patch that created the need for 2 specs. Both a single target spec and a multiple (2-3) target spec, both specs can AE effectivly.

So without further ado;

Demonology (multi targets)

Demonology (single target)


Affliction Shadowbolt filler

Affliction Drain Life filler

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