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Dragon soul, nerfs, class balance and encounter design

Coming up within the next week or two are a set of 5% nerfs to dragon soul, both normal and heroic (but not LFR as far as I know).

Why are these nerfs coming? I think its important to understand why, so we can first of all not rage at it, and second so we can give some feed back about it. I think the reason for these nerfs is primarily 2 fold

(for the record, its starting at 5%)

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If LFR had a theme song what would it be?

How about this:

DS 10 Normal: In review

So I guess I’m back to blogging now. Go me. A bit of an explanation I guess, over the last little while I’ve had a fun time, I’ve managed to go from raider, to officer, to GM. Oh god. GM! :| .Raid leader usually too. Finding my rhythm as GM, and other related tasks have taken up a lot of my time. As well as some fun RL (real life) stuff, like buying and moving into my own apartment.

So today I’m going to attempt to look back at DS10 and give it a review of sorts. Does the instance hold up? Is it any “good”? Which bosses are boring and annoying? Which are decent? Which are actually enjoyable?

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Fel Flame

Fel Flame was our new spell which we learned at level 81. But so far quite a few warlocks have been left puzzled about just where this spell fits in with everything.

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Hit, avoidance, mitagation and healer mana regen in Firelands

Once again this is going to be a bit of a meta topic, relating to healing a bit, and how combat ratings are going to scale this expansion, and to healer mana regen.

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Warlocks in 4.1, the cliff notes edition

Once again (I say this far to often it seems) sorry for the lack of posts over the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve been somewhat sick, which surprise surprise has ruined my concentration and ability to write.

But your probably not to interested in that, and more interested in the new patch that’s dropping within the next few days (or so I’m led to believe) (or maybe has dropped by the time your reading this) with some tasty changes for warlocks. So read after the break for a condensed version about the changes.

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What progression feels like on some days

And sometimes, if your really lucky, you crash just after the boss dies, and its possibly one of the best feelings. Ever.

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