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Warlocks in 4.1, the cliff notes edition

Once again (I say this far to often it seems) sorry for the lack of posts over the last 2 weeks or so, I’ve been somewhat sick, which surprise surprise has ruined my concentration and ability to write.

But your probably not to interested in that, and more interested in the new patch that’s dropping within the next few days (or so I’m led to believe) (or maybe has dropped by the time your reading this) with some tasty changes for warlocks. So read after the break for a condensed version about the changes.

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Cataclysm tip of the day.

Interact with target. Most.Win.Key.Bind.Ever.

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Of warlock “nerfs” and other patchy stuff

Ok, so I logged in today, and like most warlocks I went straight to the target dummys. What did I find?

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