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IntPiPoMo: Amber is life

Perhaps my favorite faction in Pandaria, a sneak peak at the inner sanctum of the Klaxxi

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Mists beta!

A quick post before much else,

I’ve gotten my beta invite now, so I look to you, my readers, what are your pressing warlock questions that you want to see answered?

My reaction to green fire (finally)

Extra action button fix (video!)

Still trying different things with video. Its kind of fun, and at the same time starts to make me want to pull my hair out.

I may go for some addon guides in the next few weeks, particularly looking at forteXorcist which can be a nightmare to use.

A UIs goal?

So this post signals my return to posting about UIs. I stopped last time as I got somewhat rant-y rather than actually being a quality post. So today I’m not going to so much as talk about UIs specifically, but rather talking about about UIs. Because thats the best way to get back into talking about UIs. Right? Its all very meta.

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Heroic Morchok 10 rage

I’d just like to take this moment, and this oppportunity to say how much a 10man fight sucks that requires 2 groups consisting of

1 tank
2 healers
1 melee soaker
1 generic DPS

This kind of makes it annoying to put together groups. Not every 10man has access to 4 healers. Especially after a tier that required almost every fight to be 2 healed.

Thank you very much Blizzard.

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What happens when all 3 specs are ‘even’

Today I’m going to talk about something a little different. Something interesting is happening in wow, that I don’t think we’ve seen before. The level of balance between the 3 warlock specs is currently such that, unlike before, there is no ‘real’ top spec. No spec that is 10-20% ahead of the others. At the same time we now have more tools than ever before to assess how well a spec is performing, not just in a sim, but in real raiding conditions, here I am talking about sites like and the stratfu kamagami tools. These sites look at logging websites and pull out the top dps parses from sites like world of logs, and then take averages and other mathy things to give us some interesting information.

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Bane of havoc

This has been one of my most popular posts, but the examples of where you could use it were all out of date. I somehow doubt many people want to know where they can use BoH in ICC and RS.

As such I’m going to give this post a little bit of a update.

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How to reforge like a pro

Short post is short

Some awesome guys from EJ/pugPlay are in the process of putting together a nice little calculator to get your reforge numbers JUST right. Beautiful for casters shooting for exactly 446 hit (I’ll be reforging tonight, don’t have to be at 445 hit anymore! Squee!)

Leave feedback etc for them, so they can make this as awesome as possible. :)

(Tip, you may want to give it up to a minute to load your character, apparently it can take a while)

Also of note; A wiki page regarding the reforginer :)

In which Blizzard deserves cupcakes for doing a good job

So the initial simcraft numbers are out for level 85. And boy oh boy, did blizzard do a good job of balancing.

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