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A UIs goal?

So this post signals my return to posting about UIs. I stopped last time as I got somewhat rant-y rather than actually being a quality post. So today I’m not going to so much as talk about UIs specifically, but rather talking about about UIs. Because thats the best way to get back into talking about UIs. Right? Its all very meta.

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Profile switching fanciness with Grid and S(hadowed)uf

In this video I quickly go over switching profiles quickly and easily in SuF and Grid to create seperate setups for various situations.

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Pet peeve; Addon lists!

Every time someone posts a nice (or not so nice as the case is more times than not) people seem to instinctively ask for/give a list of addons, or identify the addons on screen with big boxes. But these days this has become a antiquated practice, and was highlighted for me a little while ago.

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Your User Interface

Your User interface, Its how you interact with and view the game world. Its kind of important. It has to inform you about the game world without obstructing your view of the game world.

This post is essentially going to go over some of the ‘rules’ to making a good UI. Some of the common pitfalls that people tend to fall into, that I’ve fallen into, and probably still fall into.

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Updating recount to reflect holy pally mastery

Many people by now have likely noticed that recount, and in fact most addons and in fact logging sites don’t track holy mastery. Never fear! You can easily update recount to track it! More after the break. Read more »